Simon Burgin

Simon Burgin is a New Zealand born interdisciplinary digital artist and creative technologist delving into the central themes of environment and duality using contemporary media. With 18 years of experience in the creative industry, he engages in an investigative practice that explores significant themes such as digital representation and novel forms of human interactivity. His work encompasses formal explorations and experimentation through user experience design, moving image and creative coding practices.

Imri Shavit

Imri Shavit, aka Lumos is a projection-mapping specialist who has produced light shows in music festivals, events and exhibitions. His work also includes leading edge Immersive & Interactive performance art installations where he has designed and produced Digital creator for theater and dance performances.

Konstantina (Kate Constantine)

Konstantina (Kate Constantine), a resident of Byron Shire, is a proud Gadigal woman of the Eora nation and a neo-contemporary Indigenous artist. She is re-imagining the traditions of her peoples’ dot painters and providing a modern narrative for all Australians to better understand First Nations People as part of the fabric of Australia. As a descendant of the Gadigal people, she is passionate about her Language, Culture and histories, much of which have been lost, misplaced or manipulated since the dawn of colonisation. Through her extensive research Kate is truth telling the real histories of her people and is actively involved in revitalising the Gadigal language via her collaboration with Sydney University to breathe life into the original language of the Eora Nation. OTHERWORLD is proud to include the work of Kate as part of our exhibition, working in collaboration with video technology artist Imri Shavit.

Sergey Prokofyev

Sergey Prokofyev is the creative director of Studio Schwitalla located in Berlin. With extensive experience in both architecture and film-making, Sergey explores unique approaches to immersive storytelling. He specialises in using innovative techniques to create immersive films that push the boundaries of traditional communication tools. Sergey incorporates a range of cinematic methods to bring architectural representations to life, carefully crafting the visual experience to showcase the interplay between space, movement, and action. By synthesizing sound and virtual space with movement, he creates an environment that challenges the limits of human perception, drawing viewers into the content in a truly immersive way. His immersive projects have won awards in many international film festivals.


Toraki is the alter ego of multi-disciplinary artist Maureen’s Babette. Rising like a creature, wild but wise, Toraki finds her happiness feeling the wind dancing in the trees, where her hands can express beyond all words, a desire and need to understand and honour our Earth, our vast playground and the fields of joy. She works with multiple mediums, including traditional techniques using bones, feathers, skins, plants, combining stories and paints to express beautiful and emotive works of art, where transforming becomes the rule of her game.

Tim Garrett

Tim is an accomplished fabricator who has been working in various mediums for the past 30 years including timber construction, metal working, spray painting, engineering, leather and pattern making. He has a passion for mixing these mediums and thinking outside the box. He works primarily with recycled products and enjoys the challenge of creating new and innovative installations. His creative passions range from set design, shop fit outs, festival installations, alternative building projects and sculptures.

Talulah Rae

Talulah Rae is a creator of ambient spaces and visual geographies of the Imagination with a special talent for creating Escape Rooms and Immersive Theatre Experiences. She is a “Wildest Imaginings” Coach, Artist, Experience Designer, Yugen Room Practitioner and mother of two curious humans. She is a purveyor of all things Wonderous.

“Land of Make Believe” (a nod to Ella Fitzgerald’ 1933 song “Its only a Papermoon”) is an invitation to step into a world of myth and Fairytale and immerse yourself in the beauty and whimsy of the Vintage Carnivale and the iconic Papermoon.

You become a part of the story and get to take home your very own image.

“Alongside this world, there’s another. There are places you can cross” – Milan Kundera

Joseph Lualdi

Joseph Lualdi is an accomplished Technical Director, Sound and Audio Systems Engineer and digital multi-media artist. With over 25 years’ experience in creative technical fields, his specialities include design and deployment of 360-degree VR projection systems globally, projection systems design and mapping for cutting-edge immersive technological experiences, audio engineering for international live events ranging from large arena concerts to bespoke corporate conferences

Andy Hawkes

Andy Hawkes and the team at Fulcrum designs strive to provide quality stage and décor installations that are both safe and push the boundaries of creativity. With extensive experience in the staging industry, ranging from large scale festival tours involving complex rigging and scaffolding skills, to small scale boutique installations with an emphasis on originality. Andy likes to pride himself on not only providing stages, but providing a total experience, be it the stage, the shade, the projection mapping, all these elements come together as a total experience that lingers with audiences.

The Space Cowboy (a.k.a. Chayne Hultgren)

Welcome to The Space Cowboy’s realm, where traditional artistry merges seamlessly with groundbreaking technology. Renowned for breaking 56 Guinness World Records, The Space Cowboy ventures beyond conventional boundaries, infusing his vibrant canvases with augmented reality creatures that reflect his own bold and curious nature. These artworks beckon viewers into a realm where reality intertwines with imagination, offering an immersive journey into uncharted territories of creativity.